Monday, April 25, 2011

Fibers Project 2

hanging fiber patchwork sculpture, 8 pieces, 2 each based on the colors red, yellow, blue, and green

Fibers Project 1

 yard of cotton, immersed in safari grey dye bath, dyed using square wood block clamped resists with yellows and navy, resisted again and discharged as well
yard of silk, immersed in safari grey dye bath, capped resists and dyed with blues and an orange as well as discharged

Fibers Art Mini Projects

 quart yard of silk habotai using rainbow dye paints, colors: musk melon, brighest blue, storm grey, 3/4 brightest blue and 1/4 hot pink
 eight yard of cotton using soy wax resists and bleach. colors: brightest blue and fuchsia
 half yard of silk, first used snow dye process, then applied thickened dye paste using a freezer paper stencil, then applied discharge paste rolling on top of a metal grate to create grid pattern and a catheter for the curvy lines
snow dye colors: avocado, indigo blue, half chocolate brown and half wedgewood blue
stencil and dye paste: hot pink, sun yellow, turquoise, avocado, and chocolate brown
quart yard of silk, stretched and outlined with clear gutta, silk painted and applied alcohol and salt resists