Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rat Piper's Rats

Project for Digital Drawing. Very open ended with the subject matter, concept but the assignment was to create a black and white image through photographic and hand drawn elements and transforming them into vector format to create a composition. With the final digital file we used projectors to enlarge them to the size of our choosing, trace it and then paint it.

This is a digital version that I edited after I actually painted the work on paper full size and having a class critique. The painted paper version was around 60 X 42 inches.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Graphic Design: Company Identity (Logo)

Name must start with Bee and must be for a honey and honey product brand. WIP:

Computers for Design: Logo and Brochure

You will design a logo, a tri-fold brochure, and a business card for a fictitious fortune 500-type company based on the name and three attributes of a classmate. Much like our very first logo assignment, you need to be creative in how you figure your classmate’s name and attributes into your project.

Kelsey Jenkauskas --- Video Game Console

Graphic Design: BYOB Competition

Design a reusable shopping bag. The theme of the design is nutrition.

Proper nourishment is a basic human need. This need, so intrinsic to the health and happiness of every person, is central to many social issues. Hunger, obesity, eating disorders, organic food, and local farming are just a few related topics. In the process of providing oneself with nutrition, a consumer makes many decisions not only about what to purchase, but also what to carry it home in. Paper, plastic or reusable? Like a T-shirt or poster, a canvas bag can be a means of self-expression. This competition seeks to give students the opportunity to craft a message that brings attention to the general theme of nutrition using reusable grocery bags as the vehicle. Think of the bag as a walking advertisement that moves with its carrier to many destinations and use this opportunity to make a far-reaching visual statement.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Graphic Design: Indesign Grid Jeremy Holmes

He's cool in that eerie yet cute and funny kinda way. :)

Graphic Design: Competition: Furoshiki

Furoshiki, or wrapping cloths, are stylish and distinctive everyday items emblematic of the Japanese tradition of wrapping things. Since they are reusable and therefore do not impose a burden on the environment, furoshiki have attracted renewed interest in recent years, both in Japan and elsewhere. The design of the furoshiki (for US participants) should evoke a fusion of the United States and Japan.
My inspiration was cowboys and ninjas, specifically how the spur of a cowboy boot is similar to a ninja shuriken/throwing star.  But for a modern feel I took these elements and various patterns from both Japanese prints and the designs on the cowboy boot and combined them as follows.

This smaller was a beginning idea that I used to gather ideas and and had continued with other ideas I liked better like the one above.  But this one is still pretty hehe.

Graphic Design: Text Images

Computers for Design: DoggyDo Logo

Didn't you know I ran this business??

Digital Drawing: Landscape Planar/Pattern Drawing

Graphic Design: Compound Word Images

Can you guess what they are? I hope so...heh...

Computers for Design: Monster

Quick assignment for practicing using tools in illustrator

Sunday, January 31, 2010

3D-Pokemon Gifts

Spring Semester Begins

From here on all entries will be spring semester course work!