Monday, January 23, 2012

Staying Creative

**photos to be added**

1.     read
2.     do creative writing/stories
3.     watch movies, old, foreign, indie, ones so bad you never heard of
4.     go to a park (playground or state park)
5.     go to museums/zoo/aquarium
6.     go to art galleries
7.     go into the city
8.     go to the countryside
9.     travel to new places
10. bake/cook new things
11. play board games
12. play video games
13.  learn new things/techniques
14. keep a dream journal
15. daydream
16. do cooperative projects
17. sketch often/from life
18. meet new people/learn about different cultures
19. try learning another language
20. take care of yourself, eat well, sleep, exercise
21. ask for constructive criticism