Sunday, October 24, 2010

Graphic Design: BYOB Competition

Design a reusable shopping bag. The theme of the design is nutrition.

Proper nourishment is a basic human need. This need, so intrinsic to the health and happiness of every person, is central to many social issues. Hunger, obesity, eating disorders, organic food, and local farming are just a few related topics. In the process of providing oneself with nutrition, a consumer makes many decisions not only about what to purchase, but also what to carry it home in. Paper, plastic or reusable? Like a T-shirt or poster, a canvas bag can be a means of self-expression. This competition seeks to give students the opportunity to craft a message that brings attention to the general theme of nutrition using reusable grocery bags as the vehicle. Think of the bag as a walking advertisement that moves with its carrier to many destinations and use this opportunity to make a far-reaching visual statement.

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