Monday, May 2, 2011

Fibers Final

Pants pattern (with alterations):
Shirt pattern (with alterations):

Shirt Info: Procion MX dye immersion bath with 1/2 storm grey, 1/4 wedgewood blue, 1/4 fuchsia - 12-24 hours
Arashi Shibori (pole wrapped) with navy (lots of water maybe 2 gallons?) - 2 days
Illumination with discharge paste and yellow-orange textile ink using a silkscreen stencil
Pant Info: Procion MX dye immersion bath full golden yellow dye
Masking Tape resist, potato dextrin alternating with solid stripes of 1/2 navy + 1/2 silk black thickened dye printing paste, batched 2 days

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